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Get A Head

we bring your ideas to life

A Head Studio is a boutique web design and development agency. We specialize in no-code solutions to help clients create beautiful web experiences to showcase their ideas.

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good ideas

You have really good ideas, like really good. We want to help you bring them to life, and solve any challenges you find along the way. Get the support your ideas deserve.

good support

We know what it's like to take a risk and put everything on the line. That's why we support you like we would support ourselves, there at every step of the journey.

good work

We take pride in the work that we do. Everything we deliver is something we'd brag about, even hang on the fridge. We never cut corners and make sure we always give 110%.

support you'll love

We take a truly human approach with every client we work with. That means we take the time to understand your needs, challenges, and your unique ideas. Otherwise, we'd be letting you down.

For each project we work on, we make sure we understand your needs upfront, so we can tackle your actual challenges. Throughout our process, we check in regularly with you. We're always open to your feedback because we want our final work the be the best possible solution for you.

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projects to be proud of

Make room on your fridge, because our work is something that you'll want to hang on it. Seriously though, we want all of the work we do for our clients to be amazing. Something that you can call home about.

We wouldn't exist without our work--it speaks for itself. We want these projects to be something that you're proud of too. No matter how small the task, we ensure that our final deliverables meet our stringent quality standards. And that they meet your standards too.

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our work

Community Resource & Guide App

Alliance for Community Development

The Good Money Guide, a mobile app crafted by Get a Head Studio for the Alliance for Community Development, serves as a comprehensive roadmap for entrepreneurs navigating the business funding landscape. Developed with Adalo, this app seamlessly connects users with vital resources and provides a step-by-step guide to securing small business funding, empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality.

  • Design of mobile app
  • Organized content and database structure
  • Built mobile app using Adalo and published to a web app
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Laser Rays Custom Portal

Laser Rays Detroit

Laser Rays is a custom laser etching and cutting company located in Detroit. Before working with A Head Studio, they quoted all of their custom projects manually, consuming precious time and resources. As a part of our 1:1 support, we implemented an instant online quoting system and other support work.

  • Created custom coding solution
  • Implemented custom quote portal in Shopify site
  • Identified SaaS solutions for quoting portal
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Fintech Landing Page

Boost Fintech

Boost is a fintech startup aimed at supporting GenZ freelancers run their businesses. Boost's website serves as a sleek gateway for GenZ freelancers to explore innovative financial solutions. Crafted with Webflow, delivers a seamless user experience, reflecting Boost's commitment to empowering young entrepreneurs.

  • Created Webflow template and site theme
  • Built site from existing content
  • Developed low-code products for site launch
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36 Questions App

36 Questions

36 Questions, a mobile app developed by Get a Head Studio, harnesses scientifically-backed inquiries to foster deeper connections between individuals. Built with Adalo, this intuitive app facilitates meaningful conversations, whether with a date, friend, or stranger, all against a backdrop designed to evoke tranquility and openness.

  • Created custom Adalo app
  • Developed native mobile application
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